Disassembling the Perpetuation of Ignorance

31 January
I figured it was time to update this little blurb about me. I live because i'm finally letting myself live. after a life spent in the shadows pretending to be what I felt I should, because society and culture have determined that that is what is best, I can no longer live within those constraints. Years of pain have tempered my spirit with cinicism, however I feel there is a chance for happiness yet in this life and I intend to find it. If you happen to stumble upon this profile, bear in mind that i'm a mtf transgendered woman.

I am open and out and I refuse to jump back into a closet that confined and crushed my spirit for decades. After nearly 40 years i'm happy with my self and who I am. I leave my journal open for the same reason. I wan't people to feel free to be curious and ask questions. The only way to fight hatred is to abollish ignorance, you can't abolish ignorance unless someone is willing to educate. so I guess it's up to me and those few people who are comfortable enough to let it all hang out, to educate the masses and abolish the ignorace and fear of people like us. if you want to ask questions by all means, ask away.